Monday, September 5, 2011

Arts and Agriculture Education

Nancy Colgan is the Warwick Vally High School Ag and Tech teacher and 4-H advisor I've worked in her classroom a few years ago to build a few Adirondack Chairs with her Tech clas. Yesterday, she stopped me at the Farmers Market to say she's very interested in developing an arts-related ag course which would allow her to work with high school freshmen who have to fulfill an arts elective. Because of requirements, it's unlikely that high school students would get exposure to the Ag program till junior or senior year. This idea addresses that and offers students the possibility of earlier exposure to the pleasures of Ag. Abnd it integrates Ag more into the general curriculum.
She's been talking to the Chair of the Art Department and is starting to gather ideas for possibvle arts/ag courses.
We could use any thoughts, leads, references...

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