Friday, September 2, 2011

Arts and Ag Ideas 9.2.11

The Questions:
How can arts and artists contribute to a more vigorous agricultural economy?
How can the farms and farmers help develop new venues for arts and artists?

Here come the responses:

from Sandy Leonard, Supervisor, Town of Monroe
Add Arts to Farmers MarketsEvery place in OC that has a Farmers Market could invite artists of that area to come sell their wares just like the farmers do. Look at that Art and Agriculture or Agriculture and Art! Additionally, if any of the farmers that have farm stores on their farms wanted to partner with any local artists, they might give them their venue to exhibit and sell through on site. Jones Farm has quite the set up. I love this idea and think it’s a natural partnership opportunity-now you just have to convince the farmers and the artists. But tourists should love this.
See the reference to ta similar market in Columbia, MO

Looks like great minds think alike: I just saw this on the Arts Council FB page:
We are looking for artisanal craft vendors for our indoor Farmer's Market for Nov. and Dec. Our goal is to find some local artisans who make products suitable as gift items to participate in our pre-holiday markets.
Wendy Vandercliff
Pine Island Farmers Market Manager
c/o W Rogowski Farm
327-329 Glenwood Road
Pine Island, NY 10969
Phone - 845-258-8152

Contemporary Artist Exhibits at Farm-Oriented MuseumsI would suggest an art exhibit at the Orange County Farmers Museum focusing on Farm Scenes of Orange County. My mom was active with them when they first got started. It would tie the two topics or art and farming together nicely. I would be glad to donate some items for an exhibit of that nature as I have some very nice paintings and also some marvelous photographs of barns and cows from the county. Bob Score, who was very involved at the beginning of the museum, is a talented person who has done some beautiful pen and inks (very detailed). I’m sure there is a huge amount of material out there that you could draw from.
That would also be at Hillhold and Museum Village, I guess

From Leonard DeBuck, Warwick Town Board Member and Sod Farmer.
Is there a re-use for the Pine Island School?
Take a “look see” at the now closed Pine Island Elementary School as a possible location for classes, gathering spaces, or special events? Please let me know ASAP. After all, this school is located in Pine Island, and Pine Island is the “Heart of the Black Dirt Region”, and the Wallkill River runs right through here

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