Monday, February 20, 2012

Ice Festival... Apple Blossoms next?

One of the major interests voiced in the Arts and Ag focus groups was developing ways to extend and elaborate the "season" for visiting the farms and how arts could contribute to new, fresh agri-tourism activities on the farms. We knew that we'd have to try out--"field test?"-- some of this before we could present it to the farms as a appropriate activity. Optimists Robert Schmick of Museum Village and Julia Kole of Arrow Park developed an "Ice Harvest Festival" as a form of heritage and agri-tourism tourism with an arts component. So, on Sunday, February 19, with no ice and a article that day in the local paper saying that all the ice-related activities in the region had been cancelled this year... The First Orange County Ice Harvest Festival was held at Arrow Park in Monroe from 11AM to 3PM. We did find one piece of ice in the bottom of a 10-gallon bucket.

About 120 people passed though the event. Some had come from Maine where there was a similar festival the week before. They brought chunks of ice and a sled used to haul ice and a collection of ice harvesting tools. Thank you!
There were musicians, storytellers, plein air painters, archeologists and a few hands-on artist/craftspeople and a beautiful horse showed up!

Julia Kole's homemade borscht and perogies were notable! For many people this was the first experience of the beauty of Arrow Park and for many of us it was another day of enjoying each other's company. We missed not having more Ag people there.

The next event we are discussing is a mid-late April Apple Blossom festival. We need to form a committee of people intyerested in making it happen at one, some or all of the area orchards.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 6 Art/Ag meeting notes

The February meeting-potluck of the Arts and Ag Our Town was held Monday, February 6 at 5:30-7pm in Sugar Loaf.
Who Came: Dan Mack, Mike Sossler, Museum Village, Lucia Granite, Museum Village, Karen Decher, Julia Kole,Arrow Park, Gloria Bonelli, Steve Pennings,
Ice Festival at Arrow Park on February 19 from 11-3. Discuss details of arts presence and ag presence.
So far, no Ice on Arrow Park Lake. It may be a Global Warming Festival
Michelle Gluck sent THIS link

Agri-Culinary Conference February 28. Who wants to go??
from Jane Hamburger: Food and feeding people is always a big attraction. Definitely discuss. Steve and Jill Pennings are planning to go to this.

Mike Sossler mentioned the April 1 re-opening of the Farm Tools Exhibit at museum Village and offered it as one of the monthkly Arts/Ag events.

Steve Pennings offered his orchard as a place for a late April/early May Apple Blossom Festival
Steve also described an event called a Mud RunDiscuss pending Grant Possibilities:
Barnabus McHenry $5K college/graduate student internship Due Feb 15

NYS Buy Local grant, Cheryl Rogowski, Nancy Colgan interested. Artists to develop branding, packaging?? Due Feb 23

More BUY LOCAL stray thoughts:
Julia Kole is putting together a Gallery Space and BUY LOCAL gift shop at Arrow Park for a May opening:
local soap maker, local cutting board maker, local cards and greeting cards from SES project? Are these ways to expand offerings at Farm Stands and Markets?

Secondary Items to discuss if there is time:
Any Ideas for working directly with the Farm Stands this year?? Orchard Event? like this?? Steve Pennings, Steve Roe are you interested?

Report on Operation Conservation, the ongoing ag and arts model school project at Sanfordville School in Warwick Jane Hamburger, Dan Mack participants

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