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Examples of Arts and Ag Projects in Land Art and Performing Arts:

In Colorado, SnowTrack Art

In Japan, Rice Crop Art, The colors are created by using different varieties of rice plants, whose leaves grow in certain colours. This photo was taken in Inakadate, Japan. Thousands of tourists come (and leave). The murals in Inakadate cover 15,000 square meters of paddy fields.courtesy of Ron Gee
Just across the river
in Garrison: The sixth Farm Show at Saunders Farm, ended October 31,2011 More

In Quebec, since 2007, the town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, has been presenting the Land Art event "Créations sur le Champ" (Creations on the Field).
Land Art on Fruit Trees is a unique concept in Québec, perhaps worldwide, and has already hosted over thirty artists. It reflects the value of culture, ecology and environment of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.
Kim Vergil, has been one of the artists to work on this program. She comes to Orange County each year and sees lots of parallels and potential for a similar project here... all to increase the number and range of people visiting the area. She said she'd come and help us get one started. She shared more about the project:
As artists our job (rules of engagement) was to create organic sculptures within the Landscape that were 90% of and from the land and only 10% man made materials could be used in the finished piece. It was a great way to frame the artists and make sure the focus is natural. We had 5 days on location to create the work though we had all been to the spot prior (except for the international artist) to see and pick our locations, and start our ideas flowing about what we wanted to create (this part was done in the spring). The towns people have now become an integral part of this exhibition happening because they come all week to watch the progress of the work by the artists and to ask questions and meet everyone. There was a lot of dialogue going on during the entire process. The nice part as an artist is that we were billeted at different artists homes locally and this encouraged a lot of exchange between artist internationally, regionally and locally. We all got together for our supper meal each evening and this way had a chance to get to know each other and form a community amongst ourselves as artists. Because this all took place in the fall the farmer was assured a steady flow of tourists, towns people and visitors from the city to come see the event, walk in the apple orchard, forest etc….but also they did a lot of buying the produce and apples etc from the farmer at the same time. This event is planned to coordinate with this apple orchards fall crops. This is truly a win, win for this farmer and the local community village that also reaps the benefit of people coming to see the Land Art during the fall colors and eat and shop locally …. By having an International Land Art event this agricultural area is able to distinguish itself from others by having the added benefit of integrating the arts into the agricultural landscape and by inviting an international selection of artists to participate it adds credibility of pears in a more global sense therefore enriching everyone’s experience in the global village. I believe this brings together both local and global as a team. Though many of the Final works are ephemeral there are pieces that remain and carry over year to year creating a way to grow the exhibition over time and watch the progress and transformation of the works.

Ag and Performing Arts Tannis Kowalchuck in Highland Lake, NY:

Nature educator Laurie Seeman sent this report on a very successful day-long event which made The Hudson River much more prominent in the minds and hearts of students. It might serve as inspiration for A Day in the Life of the Farm... with artists involved as guide/interpreters.

Arts as Fundraising engine: Robert Whitman Holds Benefit Performance to Aid Farm Workers
Sugar Loaf, NY (OCCF) – On Saturday evening, October 15, 2011, the Orange County Citizens Foundation hosted a special benefit to aid the farm community in the aftermath of recent flooding. World-renowned artist Robert Whitman will present MoonRain, a performance work referencing a famous collection of 18th century Japanese ghost stories by Ueda Akinari. All proceeds of the event will benefit farm workers and their families in the Orange County community who have been hard hit economically by recent tropical storms. Because of the unusual outdoor nature of the program, there is limited seating.

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